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Stevie Lilovac

drums, backup vocals

Miami native. Musical influences -- saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. That turned my life around. Got a Kay acoustic guitar at age 12 and tried to play cowboy music (i.e. Tex Ritter songs, for one). Then in Jr. High I had a guitar class. That didn't pan out. So it was back to the drums. Started playing Sousa marches and some classical pieces and also sang in the chorus. I would take a trumpet home and try that too but my playing drove the neighbors nuts. So I got a Ludwig drum kit at age 14 and started playing real gigs:

  1. Sweetwater youth center
  2. Area "sock hops" were popular
  3. Then the Rick Shaw teen dances. He was the King of GO-GO, and a radio kingpin.
  4. Got into sports in high school and played music at night while working at Publix as a stock boy. Then the world changed...
  5. I met Will Lee IV -- a monster musician from Coral Gables. I learned how to listen to the "Masters" and so it goes...

Touring Credits: The Coasters, The Indigos, Shirley and Co.

Recording Credits: K.J. and Co., K.C. and The Sunshine Band, Fred Neil, Tattoo w/ "Slick" Aguilar, Decatur Jones

Teachers: Harold Harms, Chuck Silverman, Carl Mattolla

Professional experience:

Tigertail Lounge
Taurus Steakhouse
Big Daddy`s chains, Florida
Carnival Cruise Line
Resorts International, Atlantic City
Bayside Marketplace, Miami
Paul's Mall, Boston  
to name a few...

Favorite musical styles:  50s/60s/70s, rock and roll, R&B, world music in general, and of course, great jazz.

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