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Jojo Cansing






Jojo Cansing
lead vocals

Jojo Cansing sings the tunes that make the whole world sing (not Manilow, lol). Classic Rock 'n Roll. It's "American," known, desired, valuable. It's one of our best and maybe our only export that everyone wants (even when it's British). It's universal baby! And it all started back in the day... 60s and 70s rock. Classic Rock — the kind of music that never gets old, that everyone knows, that you want to hear.

Jojo started singing at a young age, in choir at church. A nun in 5th grade told him that church singing was not for him. He turned around and thought, "but maybe Rock and Roll is." He loves all kinds of music. His high school years were in the early 80s, growing up with the Police, Pink Floyd, Pretenders, U2, INXS, Queen, Van Halen, and yes Duran Duran but kept listening to his older sisters' old 45s-- Grand Funk RR, Steppenwolf, Santana, Rolling Stones, Beatles. After meandering from one garage band to another and waiting nearly a lifetime to go ahead and just do it, he answered the call by answering an ad for a classic rock singer. And so it goes...

Jojo is a lawyer, family man (wife & 2 kids), tennis player, pool player, inventor, Columbus High School and University of Florida grad, good friend and an OK-kinda singer. ;) He wants you to have a good time and appreciate what he has come to believe is the best music you can play, can sing, can hear.... yeah... it's only rock 'n roll, but I like it.


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